Website Creation and Hosting.

Yes we can build you a website for your business, organisation or hobby group.

From a simple home page to something bigger Kauri Computer Company can help with design, build, host, and maintain.

We are also able to build your site, supply you with the neccessary software, and train you to do the updates.

Bill Gates said "There will be 2 types of businesses in the new Millennium, those online, and those out of business."
If you've been thinking that the Net was just another fad and would go away soon, you should realize by now it's not. You need to leverage the power of the Internet to help run your business and to compete with your competitors. The Net allows small businesses to compete with the corporate suits. It has a low cost of entry and allows you to market to a global audience. Your site can sell your products/services even while you sleep.

Before you decide to have a website for your business, you need to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve.  At Kauri Computer Company, the first step we take is to review your business processes and help you decide what aspects could benefit from an internet presence. While a personal consultation is the best approach to help you decide if your business could benefit from a website, here are a few examples of how a well thought out website can be a valuable asset to any business

The web is one of the most effective and cheapest methods of advertising available
For about the same cost of a small one time newspaper ad you can have a 4 or 5 page web site, open 24 hours a day with, the potential to reach millions of customers.
For a business servicing a relatively small area, the advantages are the same. More people in a given area have access to the net, than read any particular newspaper or magazine.

Your potential customers can obtain product information when they want it, not when your business is open.
Many people will give their custom to the business that supplied them with product information when they required it, which in many cases is outside normal trading hours.

In many cases a website will actually save advertising dollars
If you can tell people where to find a comprehensive catalogue of your products and prices there is no need to list them all in a printed or radio add. (We have had an 75% reduction in advertising spending since setting up a Webpage)
By tracking when people visit your site you can immediately judge what advertising is working for you and what is not.

Reduces your cost in answering inquiries on products or services
A FAQ page can answer questions currently handled by your staff, freeing not only them but your telephone lines


Here are some suggestions of what you can put on your site, but since YOU know YOUR business a lot better than we do, you will probably have many other ideas of your own!

Types of business that could benefit from an Internet presence:


Services (landscaping, home repairs etc)
Any New business
Bed and Breakfast
Arts and Crafts
Single-Line stores (Pizza, books, shoes etc)
Real Estate
Hair Salons
Clothing shops
Antique shops
Travel Agents
Professional (health, accountants, lawyers etc )
Home-based (mail order, niche marketing etc )

Information that could be included:

Contact Details
Location (map )
Company Information
Product or Service
Samples of your Work
Sales and Specials
Contests, Promotions
Reservation form
Staff Profiles
Special Customers
On line Coupons
Coming Attractions
Guest Book
Links to Interesting Sites

Benefits to your business:

Showcases your work
Generates interest
Generates orders
Attracts new customers
Reduces phone time
Compete with large companies
Low advertising costs
Serves local market
International presence
Enhances your business image
Niche or Specialised market exposure
Gather data/feedback


Web Design Prices

  • A low cost one page, Homepage from only $120

  • A cheap small business website ( 3 pages ) from only $300

  • Our most popular package (up to 10 pages) from only $450

  • Redesign and update your existing website

    All our web design packages include:
    • Free Consultation to discuss your ideas for the design and layout of your site
    • Text (provided by client)
    • Free advice on content and text writing
    • Your Logo (provided by client)
    • Graphics-including a navigation bar on each page, logo (supplied by client), a heading on each page, and buttons where required.
    • Colour photographs (provided by clients)- usually up to 3 per page
    • Links- between web pages and to other sites (maximum of 6 external links per site at no extra charge.
    • Image scanning and photo enhancement work
    • Proofreading of supplied text.
    • Uploading to a web host and monitoring of site.
    • Registration with the major search engines.
    • Free advice on website promotion and search engine registration.

    NB: All web design packages exclude domain name registration fees and website hosting.



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